What to consider when making a Will

Making a Will is an important process. A Will ensures that when you pass away, your assets pass to the people that you want them too. That’s why it’s important to know what to consider when writing a Will. There is a process involved, which we will aim to discuss and guide you through in this article. 

Things to consider when writing a Will

When writing a Will, you need to consider numerous factors. These include; who your Executors will be, who will look after any of your children, who will inherit any business or farming assets, who receives any cash gifts, whether any gifts are given with or without tax and most importantly, who the residue of your estate will be inherited by and what would happen if they were to predecease you. 

Once these things have been considered, the Will writing process will run a lot smoother and more efficiently. You can also update your Will regularly in the event that you experience a new life event or your circumstances change.

The value of your assets and estate

You need to figure out the value of your estate to make the allocation process a lot easier. Do you have any debts? What is your equity in the property? Your executors will pay off these debts from the sale proceedings of the assets in your estate and unless specified your beneficiaries will not be liable for any debts.

The allocation of assets

You need to decide who will ultimately receive the remainder of your estate after any debts and liabilities are paid off. This can be split into equal or unequal shares and can be divided between as many or as little people as you like. Or you could transfer your assets into a trust if you wanted some extra protection for your assets. It is advisable to speak to a solicitor about this. 

Write and sign your Will

Once you have decided on all of the above, it is imperative that the Will is signed, as an unsigned Will is invalid and you will effectively die ‘intestate’ which means without a Will. The Will needs to be signed by yourself as the ‘testator’ and by two independent witnesses who do not benefit from the Will. 

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