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Advanced Decisions

When it comes to making a Will there are different elements that we might not always consider. Advanced Decisions (previously defined as Living Wills) are put in place for those who have wishes about being cared for in specific situations, when they are no longer at the capacity to make those decisions on their own. 

Although many of us have these ideals when it comes to our own care, for example if we experience a fatal injury or lose our mental capacity, very few of us make it legally binding. Writing an Advanced Decision allows us to ensure these actions are taken out when we reach that point, which is where Black Norman can help.

What an Advanced Decisions can help you define

There are certain parts of your care that an Advanced Decision solicitor can help you define. Primarily, it may be important if you would like to refuse a medical treatment if you end up in a certain situation, or you may want to set out your preferences for a specific treatment. 

Alternatively, you can also define in your Advanced Decision who can make judgments about your situation when you are no longer able to do so. You can make the decision as to who would be consulted for assistance in implementing your Advanced Decision.

Advanced Decisions are legally binding so that those giving you medical treatment such as healthcare professionals, are legally obliged to follow your wishes, which is why a solicitor at Black Norman can help. 

Other Will writing to consider

Since an Advanced Decision is about how you are cared for when you are alive and in need of medical attention, it may also be important for you to set out a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for other decisions about your welfare. Both can function together or separately but we would recommend that you consider both when you’re making a Will.

An Advanced Decision cannot define how you want your estate and finances to be distributed after death or whilst you are living, as such, you do still need to put a Will and LPA in place. 

Black Norman can help you with Advanced Decisions and more

Whether you require a Will or specifically want to set up an Advanced Decision, it’s important to speak to somebody you trust and that can assist you in the detailed know-how when it comes to UK law and Wills. 

Here at Black Norman, we pride ourselves on being some of the best Solicitors in Liverpool and the North-West and we are open to discussing your query. Get in touch by filling in the form below or calling us on 03300 167 847.

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You can write an Advanced Decision yourself by outlining what types of care and treatment you would like, however, it’s important to speak to a solicitor to ensure that the Advanced Decision is valid for your situation. Our solicitors at Black Norman can help you with this and offer guidance.

An Advanced Decision is used for you to outline the specifics of what medical treatment you would be willing to accept and the treatment you would not, For example if you experience heart failure and want to refuse CPR. However you cannot define certain things in your Advanced Decision such as refusing care that might keep you clean or hydrated. Since the variety of treatment is so large, it’s best to speak to a solicitor to ensure your Advanced Decision is clear and thus legally binding.

Yes, an Advanced Decision is legally binding as long as it is deemed valid. This means that both those giving you medical treatment and perhaps other family members who may be asked for advice on your Advanced Decision, comply with it because of your wishes.