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Why We’re Attending MIPIM 2023

13 March 2023 Read more

What to consider when making a Will

26 January 2023

Making a Will is an important process. A Will ensures that when you pass away, your assets pass to the people that you want them too. That’s why it’s important to know what to consider when writing a Will. There is a process involved, which we will aim to discuss and guide you through in this article.  ...

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Black Norman’s Community Involvement in 2022

14 December 2022

Since the year is nearly over we wanted to take a look back at what we’ve achieved this year at Black Norman. Beyond expanding our team and operating our regular services such as estate planning and conveyancing we’ve also been inspired by supporting the community we’re based in. Black Norman Solicitors...

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Our top tips for first time home buyers

25 November 2022 Read more

Buying a house: A guide for first time buyers

16 November 2022

Although buying a new home for the first time can be very exciting, it is a huge responsibility. Make sure you know everything there is to know before you purchase a house, as if you don’t have everything organised, it may make the process all the more difficult. Make sure you have all your relevant documen...

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When Do You Need To Make A Will?

2 September 2022

A Will is an official legal document that allows a person, “the testator”, to decide who they wish to appoint as executors to establish what exactly their estate compromises of upon their death, pay any debts and funeral expenses, make any specific gifts of money, property or possessions and to then admin...

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