Our Charges

All firms of Solicitors are now required by the Consumer Markets Authority to publish the price they charge for the work they undertake. In addition, they must give information as to the experience and qualifications of the staff who will undertake the work.

You will find details of the qualifications and experience of each Fee Earner under their individual resume which can be found in the PEOPLE section of our website. Below you will find a guide to the prices we charge. However it is important to understand that this can only be a guide as before prices can be confirmed before we act, both parties must have a full understanding of the scope of the work to be undertaken, the level of client care and service provided, the seniority and experience of the Fee Earner undertaking that work and the complexity or difficulty of the transaction.

We at Black Norman Solicitors Limited pride ourselves in the quality of service provided, the level of staff engaged on your work and the accessibility and availability of our staff to assist you even if outside normal office hours.

Whilst all firms will be publishing their prices, not all firms will offer similar levels of service or quality of work. Price is only one if many factors you should consider before choosing your legal adviser.

We charge for the work we undertake in 3 different ways. The actual basis selected for any particular type of work will depend on the type of work and also in some cases by your choice. The choices are:

Fixed Fee, Hourly Rate and what is commonly referred to as “No Win, No Fee”

Fixed Fee

Most of our standard Residential Conveyancing is charged on a Fixed fee basis rather than on an Hourly Rate Basis.

Residential Conveyancing Fixed Fees – Click to view

Private Client Fixed Fees – Click to view

Commercial Landlord & Tenant: Whilst the majority of this work is charged on a Fixed fee basis, due to the variables in terms, as well as complexity and risk and value, it is not possible to have a standard set of charges. The Fixed Fee can only be assessed and agreed once full details of the instructions are fully understood. We invite you to contact our Commercial Property Department for an indicative cost.

Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate Charges – Click to view.

Other than where detailed above, all other work is charged on an Hourly basis.

No Win, No Fee

Whilst nothing is ever certain or guaranteed, with some Litigation matters, there are many occasions where your prospects of success are good enough to enable us to share in your risk of running a successful claim. In these circumstances, if your claim is successful, we would recover our fees through a combination of a Fixed Fee as determined by the Court, plus a percentage of your damages. At the outset, you have the option to take out an insurance policy which would pay the other side’s costs plus disbursements in the event that your claim was unsuccessful.