What is the Best Age to Start Making a Will?

To create a Will that is legally valid, you must be 18 years old or older, unless you are a soldier on active duty or a sailor at sea. In this case, there is no legal age to make a Will. 

Although you can make a Will at any age after 18, there are certain age ranges where it is considered more appropriate to create a Will.

At Black Norman, we have a team of Will writing solicitors, so you can trust us to provide you with expert legal advice when it comes to Wills and estate planning. Read the rest of this guide to find out more.

When is the best time to create a Will?

The best time to start setting up a Will is different depending on the person and circumstances. If any of the following apply, it is suggested to be a good time to create a Will:

  • You own a property
  • You have young children
  • You have savings of over £1,000
  • Or, you have specific items you would like to leave people

Even though these are some of the reasons to start making a Will, there are also specific age ranges that would be considered more appropriate to begin contemplating putting a will in place.. For example, one of the legal requirements for setting up a Will is that you are sound of mind when creating it. Therefore, it is often suggested that you start creating your Will when you are young and healthy, so there is no dispute over the validity of the will.

We suggest that you create a Will as soon as you are legally able to do so. You should then update this around every five years or so, or in the event of marriage, divorce, children etc to ensure that it still reflects your wishes, or to see if there have been any changes to the law that could affect your Will. Often changes to the Inheritance Tax Rules bear a large effect on how a will is drafted. 

Why should you make a Will earlier in life?

If you are a young person, you might think you don’t have anything significant to put into a Will. However, putting a Will into place when you are younger allows you to protect any assets or wealth you acquire in the future, even if you don’t have any assets right now.

When you are young, you can also use a Will to safeguard your loved ones. This can be done  by naming legal guardians for your children and can detail how they are cared for and where they would live etc.

How to make a Will

We would recommend getting help from a Black Norman solicitor when creating your Will, as they will be able to provide you with the best advice and options in relation to your estate.

Making a Will without using a solicitor could result in mistakes, especially if your finances are complicated or you have several beneficiaries. You also need to get your Will formally witnessed and signed correctly to make it legally valid.

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