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Portfolio Acquisitions and Sales, Negotiating Purchase Price & More

The conveyancing department at Black Norman is thriving with a vibrant team of conveyancing solicitors in Crosby, Liverpool. We can help with the sale and purchasing of property as well as a range of other conveyancing services you can find out about here.

Are you building your portfolio or looking to negotiate the purchase price of a property? Find out how Black Norman can help with these areas of conveyancing plus many more, by reading below. Make sure to contact us for any assistance or questions you might have.

Portfolio Acquisitions and Sales

Our sales and acquisitions team are here to help, whether you are gradually building or seeking rapidly to divest. If you are a professional who invests in different properties for their portfolio, we can look after your needs. 

We can help understand the ROI for various properties to help grow your portfolio and understand how you might best invest in property. Furthermore, if you have particular needs such as understanding your loan position or if you are in need of a bridging loan, our team can help. For a confidential conversation about growing your property portfolio, get in touch with Black Norman today.

Do you have a high net worth portfolio?

If you are a property investor and you have already grown a strong property portfolio you can trust our expert team for your conveyancing needs.

Many of our clients like us and keep coming back because of our “no nonsense” approach, availability and rapid turnaround. We are particularly good at looking after clients with significant property portfolios whether privately held or in corporate structures.

Negotiating Property Purchase Price

Negotiating a house purchase price usually involves starting within a bargaining range. It’s key to research the property market and this process can take time. Generally when you’re entering negotiations it’s a good idea to have a solicitor on your side who can act as a representative. As with all conveyancing processes, a solicitor can help guide negotiations and help you achieve the deal you want.

If you’re based in the Corsby, Liverpool area you can find some great information about purchasing property from us, including tips if you’re a first time buyer

Choose Black Norman Solicitors for all of your conveyancing needs

Conveyancing sales are made simple at Black Norman with a range of additional services that can help you with whichever part of the process is currently a priority for you. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, do make sure you have a look at the range of our other services. We can also help with remortgaging, transferring ownership and more. To get started with an experienced conveyancing solicitor, get in touch with our team today by contacting us via our website or calling 03300 167 847.