Online Lasting Power of Attorney – Discover the Changes

There have been important developments in the world of Lasting Power of Attorney recently that impact anyone currently considering setting up an LPA. The process will now be taken online and made simpler to speed up the time it takes to receive documentation, but despite this there are potential concerns with the upcoming changes.

Carry on reading to discover how the Lasting Power of Attorney online switch will impact you.

Lasting Power of Attorney online developments – Can you get an LPA online in the UK?

LPA Digitisation

The first big change to Lasting Power of Attorney is its upcoming switch to digital, meaning soon you will be able to get an LPA online in the UK. 

These developments will see for the first time existing LPA paper processes being made digital. This change is being brought in to better support those who use LPAs. The Lasting Power of Attorney online process should be  faster, simpler and more secure than it was previously. 

The LPA process will be digital first, but a paper process will remain for those unable to use the internet. This will be improved to make the process easier even for those still using paper.

Safeguards against fraud

The new processes will now allow for checks to be carried out on those applying for an LPA. This is an important development as it strengthens the fraud protection element of the process. 

Experts have been concerned that the previous process allowed individuals to submit false documents and gain control of the affairs of a victim. 


There are a number of benefits to the online digital LPA developments:

  • Speed – Applications currently take up to 20 weeks to be processed due to delays at the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). The LPA online system should be able to speed this up considerably.
  • Accessibility – By taking the forms online while keeping the paper option, they become much more accessible to a wider range of people.
  • Anti-fraud – The new and improved safeguards are an obvious benefit to these new developments that should protect potential victims from fraud. 
  • Errors flagged  – The new online approach is said to pick up errors in processing faster, which should in turn further speed up the speed online LPAs are processed.


Unfortunately these updates to the LPA process are likely to encourage more people to apply on their own, bringing a couple of potential drawbacks:

  • Speed – While just a temporary drawback, the new system may prompt unprecedented applications when the new processes launch, causing delays where there should be improvements.
  • More errors – More people are expected to apply for an LPA online using the new system without the help of an expert solicitor. This is likely to cause delays for individual applications, as those new to the process rush to complete their forms.
  • Fraud – whilst there are extra measure in for safeguarding, there is a lot to be said about meeting a person to put LPA’s in place, a lot can take place behind closed doors allowing fraudsters to coerce or force a vulnerable person to make an LPA. 

Black Norman LPA service

These online Lasting Power of Attorney changes are a welcome development to the industry. Most people are surprised by the current 20 week wait for an LPA, and speeding up the system will be beneficial for anyone currently applying or considering starting the process.

Despite these welcome changes, don’t fall into the trap of applying for an LPA online on your own. While these developments will make applying more accessible to the public, the new processes will still be complex and errors will still cause delays. It’s recommended to apply with an expert LPA solicitor to ensure no errors and a smooth process. Get in touch with our team of expert Power of Attorney to get your LPA as quickly as possible.

Although these upcoming processes are likely to speed up the system as a whole, we still don’t know when they will come into action. For those needing an LPA sooner rather than later, come to the number one Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors in Liverpool and Crosby with Black Norman. Our team are experts in the current LPA process and can help you out today. 

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