Lasting Power of Attorney – A Case Study

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Black Norman are Solicitors based in Crosby, Liverpool, specialising in Lasting Power of Attorney. We help clients with an array of Wills and LPA services to ensure that, at difficult times, they can turn to a trusted team. We believe in the strength of working directly with the community which is why, for many of our clients, we are their first choice Solicitor in Crosby.

In this case study, we will explore how we worked with a housebound client to set up her Lasting Power of Attorney. If you’re looking for LPA services, make sure you get in touch with us and read on to find out more.

What is an LPA?

To put it simply, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document that allows you to appoint an attorney. This attorney will commonly be someone you trust to help manage your affairs if you are unable to do so. There are two types of LPAs, each dealing with your Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs.

Once an LPA is set up, an attorney can only make decisions they have been appointed to make, and an LPA can be made subject to Restrictions and may also contain Guidance for your Attorneys to follow. An attorney would usually manage your bank account and deal with matters arising in connection with your property. 

Setting up an LPA for a client is not just about filling out LPA forms; it’s about having sensitivity to situations and discretion. The room for common errors when filing an LPA form is wide, so it’s important to work with a dedicated LPA Solicitor with the experience and sensitivity required to handle the process.

How Black Norman helped

Our team at Black Norman were approached by an elderly client who was unable to attend the office. She was becoming unwell and wanted to make some key decisions about her care and what happened to her home. In the event, she became more unwell and couldn’t make these decisions on her own. 

As such, she wanted to appoint her daughter as an attorney to manage these affairs on her behalf, but without being able to attend the office, Black Norman started the process using some initiative. We took the following steps:

  • We attended her home at her convenience, with a female member of staff, to ensure that she felt safe. 
  • During the visit, we gave her detailed information about making an LPA. 
  • Throughout several visits, we worked with her directly to ensure she was happy with the parameters of her LPA forms, explaining all of the details. 
  • After these visits, concluded all matters to her satisfaction, including attending to Registration of her LPAs with the Office of the Public Guardian.

After this, our elderly client was safe in the knowledge that her LPA had been created correctly by her trusted team and that if she became more unwell, this would enable her attorney to assist her as appropriate. In this Lasting Power of Attorney example, it was key to ensure the client felt safe and although she was housebound, she could still make her own decisions to manage her affairs.

Choose a trusted LPA Solicitor

One of the great benefits of being a community-based Solicitor is being able to go the extra mile for clients who might struggle to make it to our office or communicate remotely. As Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors in Crosby, Liverpool, we are proud of being able to help this client and many others like her. Find out more about the work we do in our case studies

If you are looking to set up an LPA, be sure that you can trust our team of solicitors. To get started, contact our team today via our website or call us on 03300 167 847 for a confidential conversation.