Stephanie Chau

Stephanie joined our department at Black Norman in February 2024.

She is an experienced Conveyancing Solicitor who specialises in both Residential and Commercial transactions.

Stephanie prides herself on her practical approach and enjoys meeting and getting to know clients, many of whom she now has longstanding relationships with.

She acts for a range of clients including individuals, company clients and has established great relationships with non UK clients also.

Away from work Stephanie enjoys exercising such as hiking or yoga, loves to travelling and also has a passion for all things baking. Her speciality is French pastries!

A few questions we asked Stephanie


Favourite Film:                  Julie & Julia

Favourite Book:                 White Noise – Don Delillo

Favourite Music:              Taylor Swift

One item you would take on a desert island:        Trunk full of books

Away from work what do you enjoy:      Honing my pastry skills.

The thing you most pride yourself on:     Honesty and integrity.