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Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Liverpool

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Settlement agreements can help when a party wants to leave their job on agreed-upon terms. It can sometimes be a daunting task; however, at Black Norman, our settlement agreement solicitors are experienced in all aspects of the process to make it easier for you to reach an agreement that works for you.

We’re based in Crosby, Liverpool

Here at Black Norman, we are experienced in offering settlement agreement advice to the people of Crosby, Liverpool and we feel a particular connection to the area where we are based. Our expert team is on hand to help those looking to have a settlement agreement in place within the Liverpool area, as well as clients further afield.

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract with agreed-upon terms between a company and a party that wants to leave their role. They are useful where there is a dispute in the workplace, which could involve a disagreement over sick pay or holiday pay, as examples.

An employer or an employee can suggest the use of a settlement agreement. Settlement agreements must always be in writing. They typically include some form of agreement to pay a sum to the employee, as well as a reference from the employer regarding the employee. Generally, they provide for the employer to pay all the costs involved. 

By signing a settlement agreement, an employee is no longer able to make a claim via an employment tribunal for any of the types of claim that are listed in the agreement.

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Settlement Agreement FAQs

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract with agreed-upon terms between a company and a party that wants to leave their role, or settle a dispute.

There is no set price to hire a settlement agreement solicitor, as it usually depends on several factors. You can learn more about our charges on our website, or you can contact us and we will be more than happy to offer you a quote.

Talking to a solicitor is the first step, as without advice from a solicitor, the settlement agreement isn’t valid. Our solicitors will be happy to help you get the process started.

If you breach your contract or will breach it in the future, your employer may argue that they no longer need to fulfil their side of the settlement agreement. Payment can also be refused, or your employer could try to reclaim money already paid.

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