Commercial Debt Recovery

Whether as a business or an individual, it is unfortunate, but inevitable, that disputes sometimes arise. When they do, we at Black Norman can help. Our ethos is this:

  • We will do everything that we can to help to prevent disputes arising or to see if there is any way in which the problem can be resolved at an early stage.
  • We will give you honest advice about your position, both in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
  • If you do become involved in a court case, we will give you full support and advice through to trial.

Who is it for?

We can provide expert advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Commercial and contract disputes.
  • Commercial and residential property disputes.
  • Landlord and tenant problems.
  • Inheritance claims.
  • Negligence claims.
  • Debt recovery.
  • Employment Matters.

Disputes can be time-consuming and costly. We will explore the options you might have for funding any Court proceedings. We will keep you informed at the outset and throughout your case what your position is in relation to costs.

How the service works

At Black Norman your case will be handled by a litigation specialist. Our aim is to give a superior quality service to all our clients. At the same time, we aim to give an individual service – and that means that by and large, your case will be handled throughout by the same person. You will not find yourself talking to a different person every time you speak to us!

How much will it cost?

Costs will be dependent on the nature of your problem. We will establish the costs and timescales after your first interview.