Renters reform bill for landlords and renters

What is the Renters Reform Bill?

Introduced in May 2023, the Renters Reform Bill was brought into effect in order to provide more security for tenants without fear of eviction. It has a strong focus on the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and aims to abolish Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST), instead turning them into Periodic Assured Tenancies (PAT). 

While the bill is generally being viewed as a positive change for tenants, it can have effects on both tenants and landlords. 

Effects of the Renters Reform Bill on landlords

Landlords have many powers when it comes to housing and so have the right to enforce several rules on their property. Here are the changes to the rules that are able to be enforced and what they mean for landlords going forward.

Easier to repossess properties

The new bill means that the power a landlord has over repossessing properties will be strengthened. This is in the case of tenants repeatedly failing to pay rent or exhibiting any anti-social or inappropriate behaviour. This is based on information from the Parliament UK website.

Reconsider tenants’ desires to keep a pet

The new bill means that a landlord is not allowed to unreasonably deny a tenant’s request to keep a pet. This means that they would need to consider and review the tenant’s request on how practical it would be. Pet insurance would be needed by the tenant and landlord to ensure that any damages to the property are covered. 

Better access to authorities and information 

This is in the case of any disputes, anti-social behaviour or an uncooperative tenant. This also ensures that any uncertainty surrounding issues or regulations in the property can be resolved easily with access to information through the PRS Property Portal. If a tenant or landlord has a complaint, they can easily access information and advice on what to do next. 

Effects of the Renters Reform Bill on tenants

The abolishment of ASTs

Section 21 of the reform bill states that Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs) and ‘no fault’ evictions will be removed. The abolishment of ASTs means that tenants aren’t faced with sudden ‘no fault’ evictions. Their tenancies would automatically become Periodic Assured Tenancies, meaning they could be assured of better and more stable housing security. 

What does this mean for Liverpool’s housing market?

As the bill’s aim is to bring about fairer and better quality housing for tenants in many areas across the UK, including Merseyside, and change and amend the powers granted to landlords, we expect the property market to be busier than before. This is because tenants would feel more conscious efforts have been made to ensure more stable, safe and affordable housing. 

It can also offer some consequences for landlords. They may find they have reduced rights or powers on eviction and implementing property regulations. This may mean that landlords would be less inclined to let properties. 

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