Black Norman’s Community Involvement in 2022

Since the year is nearly over we wanted to take a look back at what we’ve achieved this year at Black Norman. Beyond expanding our team and operating our regular services such as estate planning and conveyancing we’ve also been inspired by supporting the community we’re based in. Black Norman Solicitors are based on Coronation Road in Crosby, Liverpool and we feel particularly connected to this local area and the Liverpool area in general. A lot of our clients come from this area which makes us keen to support it, that’s why we wanted to share some of the community involvement we’ve had this year.

Liverpool Legal Walk

The Access to Justice Foundation in partnership with The NorthWest Legal Support Trust, set up the Liverpool Legal Walk because of the need for free legal advice. Legal Walks happen to support people who may be less likely to get legal support due to their circumstances but who may indeed need it the most, for example, free legal advice can help to prevent families from becoming homeless and to ensure the elderly receive the support they need and are entitled to. In September, Black Norman raised funds for the Legal Walk by asking for sponsorship before our team attended the walk.

Macmillan Coffee Mornings

If you’re ever wondering how to fundraise for charity in your office, a Macmillan Coffee Morning is a great way to join forces, and what makes it an even better charity fundraising idea is that you get to treat everyone in the office to bakes and cakes! In September we hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning, and had some utterly tasty bakes from Satterthwaites Bakehouse which is based in Crosby, UK. The cakes went down a treat at the Black Norman offices and we also raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Head to their website to learn how you can get your office involved in a coffee morning.

Sefton Baby Baskets

One of the projects we are really proud of being involved with is Sefton based charity, Sefton Baby Baskets was set up to help families in need. Black Norman have helped by filling up a baby basket with essentials for baby care, such as baby wipes and nappies, for expectant mothers in need. Sefton Baby Baskets are currently taking contributions ahead of Christmas or you can support by donating to their cause.

St Joseph’s Hospice

Another amazing community project we got involved with this year was raising money for St. Joseph’s hospice. Based in Thornton, Merseyside, St. Joseph’s Hospice provides high quality nursing care for over 200 patients. We raised money for them by abseiling down the Anglican Cathedral and from this we were able to raise a grand total of £2,000, our biggest community achievement this year at Black Norman. We’re proud to be able to support local initiatives and raise money where we can.

South Sefton Food Banks

Since we usually dress up at Black Norman, we recently decided to run dress down Fridays which means donations can be raised. It’s a great idea if your office usually dresses up for work and your clients. The money we’ve been raising from our Fridays is sent directly to South Sefton Food Banks who are doing amazing work helping the families in need, in the lead up to Christmas. In a few short weeks we’ve raised £118 from dress down Friday’s and you can help by raising donations or dropping donated food off at the food bank yourself. 

Sunshine Ball Group

A great way to end a year of community involvement was attending the Sunshine Ball at the end of November. The Sunshine Ball is a charity event set up by women, for women to raise money for The Sunshine Ball Group, a local breast cancer charity. Bonnie and Georgina from Black Norman attended and the Black Norman office donated a generous prize for the raffle, which helped towards raising over £9,000 on the night. 

Networking Events

This year we’ve hosted two networking events for businesses across the Sefton community which were both a huge success. They were a great opportunity to connect with the community in the area and understand how we can best help these businesses. Next year, we hope to host and attend more networking events.

Speak to Black Norman Solicitors about a community project

It’s been a very busy year for Black Norman when it comes to community involvement but we are very strongly connected to the Crosby, Liverpool area so we think it’s important for people who can to give back We hope that some of the ideas we’ve had this year for our community offer some fundraising inspiration for more people to give back, and we look forward to getting involved in more projects next year.

If there’s a community project you would like Black Norman to know about in the Crosby area, reach out to us because we’d love to support it if we can.