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All Individuals or Parties, who are not legally represented and are making an application to the Land Registry are required to provide Evidence of Identity by completing FORM ID1 (for an Individual) or FORM ID2 (for a person representing a Corporate Body).

The form must be completed by the relevant person(s) and then certified by an authorised individual such as a Solicitor, Barrister or other individual as recognised by the Land Registry.

To check, verify and then certify the ID1 or ID2 for submission to the Land Registry is a responsible and onerous task and not all firms of Solicitors will provide this service. Here at Black Norman Solicitors we will provide this service for a fixed fee of £90.00 inclusive of vat, per form.  All we ask is that you download the required forms from this page, and after completion, make an appointment to come in and have the form certified.

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