Divorce and Family Matters

Family Matters

  • Are you unhappy in your marriage or relationship?
  • Are you thinking of separating but do not know whether you can cope financially?
  • Are you worried about what will happen to the children, the house, your savings and pension?
  • Are you suffering Domestic Violence?
  • Have you been served with proceedings in relation to the above matters?

Black Norman can help you. We offer a specialist family service and can advise you of the best approach to help you move forward.

How the service works

We will assess your situation, advise you on an outcome and help you reach your objectives. One of our specialists will be assigned to work with you throughout your case.

How much will it cost?

Each situation will be different, and we will advise you on costs from the outset

What you should do next?

If you are interested in our services, please contactone of our legal advisers by telephone, fax or email.

Who is it for

  • Those involved in family or relationship breakdown.
  • Those involved in disputes over children – which can be between the parents, grandparents or partners.
  • Those uncertain of how to divide their matrimonial assets, personal savings, family business and/or pensions.
  • Those unmarried couple in disputes over property.
  • Those suffering from Domestic Violence.